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Eligibility Requirements

  • The provider must be 18 years of age or older.

  • ​The provider must be caring for at least one child that lives outside of the provider's home.

  • The provider cannot be caring for more than a total of six children under the age of thirteen. This ​total includes the provider's own children.

  • ​It is allowable for the provider to be related to the children that she/he is caring for as long as at least one child is non-resident.

  • The program is not income-based.  Neither the provider nor the parent of the child has to qualify by income in order to be eligible. However, if the provider wants to be reimbursed for her own children, she will have to provide household income information.

  • The provider's home must pass an annual fire inspection.  The requirements for the fire inspection are:
  • 1. A battery-operated, working smoke detector in each room used for sleeping.
  • 2. One size 2-A or larger fire extinguisher with a current inspection tag
  • 3. $30.00 for an annual inspection by the Office of State Fire Marshal.
  • 4. One thermomter of any kind to monitor the temperature in the refrigerator which should be 40F or below

  • The provider must care for the children in his/her own residence.

  • The parent must be working or attending school.